Welcome to My Home Page

Here you can see my photo. My name is Lachin Dmitry. I was born on 27th of april in 1976. My native town is Omsk, it's in Siberia. I still live here. In 1993 I graduated from the phisics-mathematics school 64 in Omsk. After that I learned in the Omsk State University and graduated from it in 1998. I learned mathematics and specialized in Generalized Riemannian Geometry. And now I am a post-graduate student on the Mathematical Modeling Department. My supervisor is D. Sci. in physics & mathematics Valerii Nikolaevich Berestovskii. The name of my future dissertation is "Alexandrov spaces of bounded curvature".

And now several words about my family. I have a brother and a sister. They are three years younger than me. They learn in the Omsk State University too. My sister learns phisics and brother learns law.

About my hobbies. I like reading. Most of all I prefer Russian and American classical literature, that is my favourite writers are Chehov, Hemingway, Nabokov. And lately I am interested in programming on Java, a language for Internet. But I am not yet very good at it, so this webpage is written by using only HTML.

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